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T.E.A.M.S. Training Center

T.E.A.M.S. is based on creating an environment that promotes success in everyone. Whether you’re a young, aspiring athlete in search of getting an edge on the competition, an elite level athlete seeking the advice from our professional expert staff to fine tune your performance, or you’re an adult looking to improve your quality of life through result-driven programs. T.E.A.M.S. is here to do it with you.

T.E.A.M.S. is based on the concept of its name. “Together. Everyone. Achieves. More. Success.” We understand that achieving your goals, whether sports-performance or fitness related, is virtually impossible without the proper guidance, encouragement and support from professionals and peers. T.E.A.M.S. will provide you with unmatched service to ensure your goals are met, while creating the importance of accountability and focus.

irving hittingTEAMS would like to welcome to staff former UVa catcher and 2014 Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Draft selection, Nate Irving.

Nate will be available for lessons throughout the Fall and Winter. Contact us a to schedule your lesson.

TEAMS Elite Pitching Program

Pitching places unique demands on the shoulder and body. Our Elite Pitching Program provides the training athletes need to handle these demands and to throw a baseball with the most efficient mechanics possible.

Our program provides the training athletes need to handle these demands and to throw a baseball with efficiency and command.

Winter program registration is now open!

Winter session starts November 17th @ 6pm

Pre-registration required.

Limited space available. Register TODAY!

Group Exercise Schedule

Monday 6:15-7:15 Max Interval Boot Camp w/ Lucas

Tuesday 12-12:30 Xtreme Boot Camp w/Todd, 5:30-6 Xtreme Boot Cap w/Todd

Wednesday 6:15-7:15 Ultimate Full-Body Boot Camp w/Lucas

Thursday 12-12:30 Xtreme Boot Camp w/ Todd, 5:45-6:15 Xtrme Boot Camp w/Todd, Full-Body Boot Camp w/Mike


Our memberships cater to your goals for success. If you want a membership for simple access or a membership where you meet with a trainer/coach as often as you choose, we have the package you are searching for to ensure your goal is being met.


T.E.A.M.S. is based on the concept of its name. “Together. Everyone. Achieves. More. Success.” We understand that achieving your goals,

TEAMS Youth Fit Camps

TEAMS Youth Fit Camp is designed to improve fundamental athletic skills, coordination, flexibility, strength and self-esteem for young, aspiring athletes, ages 5-10.

TEAMS Baseball

TEAMS Baseball, as an organization, to be dedicated to the development of our youths in the sport of baseball. Through expert instruction, coaching, and teaching the game while competing at a high level is how we accomplish this goal.