About Us

TEAMS Training Center is solely dedicated to helping all athletes maximize their potential by improving performance, decreasing the potential for injury, and motivating through education.

All of our programs are comprehensive and demanding, and, if followed correctly, will prove to be very rewarding. Every program places major emphasis on the educational component of training: Only by understanding our specific training methods and how each applies to your sport, can you truly achieve greater success.
The strength and conditioning facility of TEAMS Training Center offers all of the resources you will need to enhance your physical performance. Created for the athlete, it provides an environment where athletes train among other athletes, creating a positive and optimal training atmosphere.

TEAMS offers the best in one-on-one, group and team instruction.

TEAMS Training Center’s expert staff is Charlottesville’s leading authority in sport-specific training. Programs are designed and supervised by certified strength coaches, to enhance performance and reduce injuries during training and competition.
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