T.E.A.M.S. offers many different programs for all ages and skill levels. We encourage you to check out our current camps/ programs, and if one of those does not fit your needs, we also offer private lessons.




Hitting: We focus on teaching the proper hitting fundamentals including how to hit the ball to all fields, hit for power, hit off-speed pitches and understanding situational hitting.



 Pitching: Pitching instruction focuses on learning and applying proper mechanics with the goal of improving velocity, command and movement. Education on needs and methods of arm care and conditioning are also introduced and explained. Students are taught the mental part of pitching including visualization and setting up hitters. Proper development of off-speed pitches is also a major area of focus in these sessions.



 Fielding: The proper fielding fundamentals including how to field routine ground balls, charge plays, backhands, forehands, tags and double plays. Players are also schooled on developing better carry on their throws across the infield.



 Catching: The proper catching fundamentals including how to receive pitches in all situations, block balls, throw to bases, block the plate, catch pop-ups and give signals.



  • Cost:
  • Private – 1/2 hour $45, 1 hour $70
  • Packages- 5-1 hour $325, 10-1 hour $600, 15-1 hour $825
  • Semi-Private (all 1 hour lessons)- 2 players $100, 3 players $120
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Todd Proctor- Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Catching, Strength/Conditioning, Speed/Agility

Keith Werman- Hitting, Fielding, Catching, Speed/Agility

Derek Butler- Hitting, Fielding, Catching, Strength/Conditioning

Jeremy Farrell- Hitting, Fielding