TEAMS Training Center’s curriculum and teaching philosophy is based on over 15 years of experience in player development including the most current research in biomechanics, sports psychology, visual skills, and strength and conditioning.

From our youth programs starting at 6 years old to the Elite Player Development programs, TEAMS offers a program to fit every skill level.

Private Instruction:

Learn one-on-one with the best instructors in the game, presenting the best curriculum and teaching techniques in the industry.

Our individual lessons are customized for the player.

Individual lesson and package discounts available.

Lesson Types:

-Private half-hour or 1 hour lessons

-Private 90 minute lessons with video analysis

-Semi-private/small group lessons

Group Instruction/Team Practices:

We believe that practicing with other players improves social skills and encourages friendly competition.

Players learn from watching each other and replicating the movement patterns of other players nearby.

Players interacting with our entire staff exposes players to multiple levels of scrutiny and a variety of drills.

Group and team instruction available in our facility or at your location.

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Lesson Rates:

Rookies (Ages 8 years old and under)-
Private- $50/hour, $30/half-hour,
Lesson w/ Video Analysis-$75,
Small Group (up to 3)- $30/hour each player, (4-5) $25/hour each player
Minors (Ages 9-12 years old)-
Private- $65/hour, $45/half-hour,
Lesson w/ Video Analysis- $90,
Small Group (up to 3)- $40/hour each player, (4-5)- $30/hour each player
Majors (Ages 13 years old and over)-
Private- $80/hour, $60/half-hour,
Lesson w/ Video Analysis- $105,

Monthly Lesson Rates: (one lesson per week, up to 4 lessons per month)

Rookies- $160/month, Small Group (3 to 5) $60/month/player
Minors-  $220/month, Small Group (3 to 5) $120/month/player
Majors- $280/month, Small Group (3 to 5) $180/month/player

Private Multi-Lesson Packages: 5, 1 hour Lessons

Rookies- $225, Small Group (3 to 5) $100/player
Minors- $300, Small Group (3 to 5) $200/player
Majors- $375, Small Group (3 to 5) $275/player

Multi-Lesson Packages Rookies (ages 8 & under) Multi-Lesson Packages Minors (ages 9-12) Multi-Lesson Packages Majors (13+) 

Lesson Inquiries

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