TEAMS Elite Pitching Program

Pitching places unique demands on the shoulder and body. Our Elite Pitching Program provides the training athletes need to handle these demands and to throw a baseball with the most efficient mechanics possible.

Our program provides the training athletes need to handle these demands and to throw a baseball with efficiency and command.

What Sets TEAMS Elite Pitching Program Apart?

TEAMS is the authority on pitching performance. TEAMS has the pitching instructors with the knowledge and experience in building a dominant, HEALTHY pitcher through proven, science-based programs. We TEACH each athlete every aspect of pitching to ensure progress and performance is at the highest level.

This is a physical and mental training program geared towards the throwing athlete. It applies to any player who wishes to throw harder and minimize arm fatigue. Throwing a baseball is an explosive and dynamic movement that requires athleticism and body awareness. The art of pitching will be a priority as well as helping each player apply better throwing habits to other positions in the field.

We will train each player to be more efficient in their throwing motion. This requires physical training so they can move athletically through the mechanics involved in throwing. This also requires us to educate each player on the complex mechanics involved in throwing and how they can use video analysis to better understand throwing off a mound and in the field. It will be in-depth yet simple.

If your son is a pitcher this will help them get the most out of their fastball and off-speed pitches.

If your son is a position player this program will help them make the best throws possible on a consistent basis. We will not exclude any position on the field when covering throwing a baseball.

The Training Program Includes:

Pitching-Specific Strength & Conditioning Program, Pre-Season Long Toss Program, Pre-Game PreparationArm CareDynamic Mechanics WorkoutBull-Pen WorkSlow Motion Video Analysis

All registrants will test on the same dates and times. 

Mandatory Initial Testing Date- Saturday December 3rd @ 10am.
Mandatory Mid-Term Testing Date Saturday January 7th @ 10am.
Mandatory Final Testing Date Saturday February 11th @ 10am.


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Elite Pitching Program

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