Our On-the-Diamond Strength Training program sets us apart.

Bat speed, throwing speed and running speed are tools every player desires. Players are introduced to a specific series of plyometric and resistance exercises along with workout routines to their position and age level. On-the-Diamond integrates agility, speed training, flexibility, and weight training into every part of our teaching model.

The TEAMS On-the-Diamond Strength Program can make the difference in your game.

Our On-the-Diamond Strength & Hitting Program includes:

 -Sprint Speed Improvements–Agility and Range of Motion Improvements–Plyometric and Strength Training–Flexibility and Injury Prevention – Group Hitting Instruction

Group 1 meets each Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm

Group 2 meets each Wednesday & Friday @ 4:30

Advanced registration is required. Limited space available for each group.

On-the Diamond