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It is the mission of T.E.A.M.S Showcase Baseball, as an organization, to be dedicated to the development of our youths in the sport of baseball. Through expert instruction, coaching, and teaching the game while competing at a high level is how we accomplish this goal.

It is also our mission to promote and provide the practice of good sportsmanship, character, and fair play. Our primary focus is on a competitive spirit to succeed, with fun for all participants, while never compromising the welfare and safety of our athletes. 

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Philosophy of TEAMS Baseball

The philosophy of the TEAMS Baseball Program reflects the personal ideals of the baseball staff. There are THREE components to this philosophy.

First Part

ALL players should play for FUN, the LOVE OF BASEBALL, and the desire to COMPETE. They should STRIVE TO SUCCEED every time they step on the field.

Second Part

Winning can be measured in different ways than simply by who scores more runs in a game or who wins more games in a season. We want all of our players to develop as “WINNER”. Following are the characteristics which would characterize a winner:

1.HUSTLE at all times. Show you love to play.

2.Love to compete. Don’t back down from challenges.

3.Have an undying confidence in themselves, their coaches, and their teammates- especially in times of adversity. Don’t be a front-runner.

4.Take responsibility for their own self-direction. Don’t make excuses.

5.Aren’t satisfied with succeeding some of the time, and don’t let short term failures defeat them. Remember this, Success is not final and failure is not fatal!

6.Present an image that reflects well on them, their team, and their university- and that image is not imitation but reflects the real person.

7.Follow the rules of the team consistently and without questioning.

8.Exhibit strong loyalty to their teammates, coaches, and university.

9.Develop their God-given talent to the fullest. Dedication.

Third Part

If the majority of our players adopt the first two parts of this philosophy and consistently do the right thing, we will experience success that is commensurate with the talent level on our team.


TEAMS is creating a developmental travel baseball program that is focused on creating and leading young athletes to reaching their goals. The age groups will include rising 9U-14U as of the Spring/Summer of 2018.

TEAMS  Travel Baseball Program is very comprehensive and dedicated to the development of each player. We reach this goal through proven methods of hitting, pitching, fielding, strength and conditioning and speed and agility development. Each player will receive team practice time, individual instruction as well as small group workouts.

Any interested players should inquire at info@teamstrainingcenter.com